nix-bitcoin is a collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security.

nix-bitcoin demo node

This webpage is hosted on a nix-bitcoin node (source code) running bitcoind, clightning, clboss, electrs, btcpayserver, and joinmarket. The node is deployed using ZFS on Hetzner Online.


Public Key: 029859bb9d3cde023d43b306f688f02bf821f91790a9fa65f7ff5eb9278074eec9
Onion v3: yd4yhi55hcovg2ep76bngt7nqkmxp6uc2f6rvgxd3bg7fesuy263ukyd.onion:9735


Onion v3: s3cqv57f3vvyrgwm7v3avkvkft5xesy27goaexkql6a55yevyi5bc3qd.onion:50001:t

Matrix Homeserver homeserver – matrix-synapse homeserver.

Mempool – our instance of the mempool Bitcoin explorer.

JoinMarket Orderbook

A self-hosted JoinMarket orderbook can be found here.


Join us in our Matrix room at or in our #nix-bitcoin IRC channel on Libera.Chat.

Security fund

The nix-bitcoin security fund is a 2 of 3 bitcoin multisig address open for donations, used to reward security researchers who discover vulnerabilities in nix-bitcoin or its upstream dependencies.


You can donate to our nix-bitcoin hosted BTCPayServer here.